We handcraft in small batches with freshly ground spices, sweeteners and Fair Trade teas - all organic.

Spicy Black Tea Chai
Our original spicy blend and boldest brew, with traditional flavors of cardamom, ginger, clove, pepper and cinnamon. Brewed with organic Assam black tea and sweetened with
organic cane sugar.

6 gram sugar/serving

SweeTea Chai
A variation on our original Spicy Black Tea Chai with a delightful balance of organic spices and sweetener. “A little less heat and a little more sweet!”


13 gram sugar/serving

Green Tea Chai
Brewed with Chunmee Green
Tea from China, this blissful
blend brings the healthful
benefits of antioxidants as well as a gentle lift from caffeine.


9 gram sugar/serving

Rooibos Chai
A non-caffeinated variation brewed with Rooibos Tea, also known as African Redbush, valued for its delicious rich flavor and abundant
antioxidant properties.


9 gram sugar/serving

Yerba Maté Chai
Our Maté (mah-tey) Chai is blended with green and roasted leaves of Yerba Maté, an energizing South American plant. Traditional chai spices with a touch of molasses create a irresistable cup of satisfying Maté Chai!

6 gram sugar/serving

prep cahi


DragonFly Chai is delicious with soy or dairy milk, served hot or chilled.

Serve it hot: Combine chai with milk. Heat using stovetop, microwave, or steam wand.
Serve it chilled: Combine chai with milk and pour over ice.

Suggested Proportions: 2 parts DragonFly Chai / 1 part milk. Adjust to taste!

cup a chai