Our Iced Teas are enjoyed in many restaurants and cafes that serve Dragonfly Chai.
Mint-Fennel Iced Tea
Spearmint and fennel conspire to freshen your day in our caffeine-free iced tea made with organic Rooibos. This delicious blend is slightly sweetened, rich in flavor and abundant with antioxidants.
Lemongrass Green Iced Tea
A perfect pairing of earthy green tea and
zesty lemongrass. This blissful blend is
also sweetened slightly and will give you
a gentle lift from caffeine as well as a
healthy dose of antioxidants. A delicate
twist on a summer favorite!
Sassafras Iced Tea
Our sassafras tea features the nostalgic
rooty flavor from the eastern woodlands. Blended with organic black tea and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar, this chilled tea is as delightful as a warm summer night.
iced teas from dragonfly chai